Art Editions made by Artists


We specialise in creating gorgeous, affordable art prints for restaurants, offices, hotels, inns & holiday rental properties. We have worked with artists, property developers, rental agencies and holiday resorts, to supply beautiful art packages too.

We're proud to represent all of our artists, whether they are well-established or emerging, and we help to find new avenues for their work, such as hotels, commercial interior design projects and contemporary office spaces. Over the years, we've developed lots of brand new print editions, for artists who may not have previously explored this market. 

For instance, we've collaborated with renowned artist Paul Wadsworth, to create a series Artists' Variable Prints: beautiful inkjet prints which have been worked into with paint and then varnished. Examples of these prints are hanging on the walls of office spaces, hotels & apartments across the UK and provide an easy, affordable way to access Paul's sought-after work. 

We've also worked regularly with emerging artist-printmakers such as Mevagissey's Jetty Street Press and Amy Lanyon, to create new opportunities by which an existing print series can be added to. 

Art Eye ensures the copyright is maintained by the artist at all times, rather than licensing their work. This ensures that production is of a consistent quality and that artists always know when their work is being printed, who it is being sold to, and of course get paid for it. We never sell unsigned or unembossed editions, and we only purchase prints directly from the artist – we even help with the colour-matching process. As far as we know, Art Eye is the only supplier to work in this way - changing things for the better within the art industry!

You can now browse & buy Paul Wadsworth’s Artists' Variable Prints in our Online Store

If you're interested in our ever-growing Jetty Street Press embossed collection, you can browse & buy here