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Paul Wadsworth

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An Explosion of Colour

Paul Wadsworth

Paul Wadsworth is based in West Penwith, Cornwall. His art is driven by a raw passion and curiosity about the world around him; expressed with rugged, wild and vibrant swathes of colourful paint. Paul's work is available directly from the studio & by commission, via Art Eye

HIGH UP on the moors in the far west of Cornwall is an artist’s retreat, down a narrow, dead-end track, overlooking miles of empty countryside. This huge corrugated barn is the domain of artist Paul Wadsworth.

Paul describes his studio practice as a journey; an ‘exploration’ where one adventure in paint leads to another, and where every landscape consists of more than just the physical qualities of terrain. Some paintings are inspired by his travels across Cornwall, working plein air, and some are inspired by spontaneous journeys to the Middle East and India.

Landscape Painting is also the work of the mind, related emotionally to the fact of human nature.

Paul Wadsworth


Wherever he travels, whether it’s his home turf in Cornwall, or across the Middle East and India, he learns by immersing himself in the rich visual stories - the ‘music’ - of a landscape and it’s people. This adventurous, joyful journey - through an artist’s eyes - is what he loves to share with us, in his breathtakingly gorgeous paintings.


Collector's Notes:

Paul has been a core member of Art Eye from the early days, and his profile has continued to increase locally and internationally  now making him one of Cornwall’s most sought after artists. He is also a member of Trewidden Studios, and bases himself there when the moorlands of wild West Penwith get a little too 'bracing'.

His work hangs on the walls of many beautiful interiors across the world, including the St Aubyn Estate contemporary art collection, as part of the Godolphin Arms Hotel scheme (see our portfolio for more information). His originals & 'artist's variable' prints also feature in the St Moritz Hotel Suites and Penthouse Apartment interiors. 


Paul's original paintings are available via Art Eye.

Exclusive Online Previews of Paul's work are available to members of our Collector’s Club; Studio Visits and Home Approval can be arranged upon request.

Art Eye has recently developed, together with the artist, a series of 'Artist's Variable' (hand-finished prints), which are available to order via our Online Store 


A Paul Wadsworth painting hangs in our living room — a shard of sunlight leaping up from a Cornish moor, a bright streak of yellow bursting from an earthy Celtic landscape. The painting changes during the day; as the light shifts around it the image seems to dance, a bold swathe of dark green coming in and out of focus, the clouds in the sky billowing and rearranging. Sometimes I can see figures moving along the ridgeway at the point where the land meets the sky. At other times, I just see an explosion of colour.

The paintings which emerge from Paul’s time in India amplify that sense of colour leaping from the canvas — the rich textures of verdant foliage, the humid warmth of the air, the dripping fullness of the trees. Water is a recurrent element, reflecting and intensifying the life which throngs through the paintings. And just as these images are vibrant with adventure and personal narrative, so they are peopled with figures who emerge from the landscape to tell their own stories; working, walking, worshipping, dancing. At times the paintings burst the confines of their own canvasses, affixed to larger boards which allow them to continue expanding, shrines at the centre of a world which is fruitful and multiplying.

There is nothing ‘touristy’ here; this is the work of someone who has immersed himself in these landscapes, succumbed to them, become intoxicated by them. They are overwhelmingly positive and life-affirming. A painting of trees over water shimmers and shifts, the colours constantly rearranging themselves, reflections moving as if still fluid. I think that’s what I love most about Paul’s work the sense that each painting is still growing, still evolving, still finding its own story. I could look at them for hours, days, years. I am sure you will feel the same.

Mark Kermode, Film Critic & Art Collector



Enjoy a glimpse into Paul's art below. Our Collectors Club members can read an interview with the artist & see more wonderful photographs of Paul's studio, commissioned by Art Eye, by logging in to our Members Area:-