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stephen smith

Stephen Smith is an artist who will make you see things differently. Like all the very best artists, he takes us on a journey into the peripheries, and sends us back a truly amazing postcard. Stephen's work is available directly from the studio & by commission, via Art Eye.

When was the last time you looked, really looked at your everyday world? The last time you strolled a street, what did it sound like? What caught your eye? Were you being watched back?

Most of us simply filter out the ‘white noise’ of modernity; the brain/eye editor kicks in, and before you know it you’ve walked, cycled or driven to your destination without knowing how you got there. But it was probably the same way you got there yesterday, and the day before.

Wouldn’t it be nice to shake things up a bit?

Stephen Smith is an artist who will make you see things differently. Like all the very best artists, he takes us on a journey into the peripheries, and sends us back a truly amazing postcard. 

He doesn’t produce a straightforward snap shot of what’s out there, but a series of abstracted forms; reconfigured into something both surprising AND familiar. Follow your eyes, look for patterns, motifs, numbers and words - there’s a unique world and a gorgeous new visual language to enjoy and decode. All you have to remember, is looking is an act of will, and there’s always more to see than the obvious a to b.

They say that the sound of white noise is the sound of the Big Bang, and it’s the same frequency which runs through all of us

Stephen Smith

Whichever way you look at it, Stephen Smith is like several super-talented artists, rolled into one. Working worldwide, on excitingly original projects, across a number of disciplines, the sky isn’t the limit for Smith.

If you have to pin it down, Stephen works predominantly with painting, drawing, print and installation. He has also been known to create formal sculpture; it all depends upon the journey. His conceptual interests gravitate towards psycho-geography, bit-rot, control systems, and conspiracy theories. He describes his work as non-linear, like a visual ‘mix-tape’, and, as he explains: 

I use a process of visual abstraction to deconstruct and reconstruct the form and language of my work. Themes, forms and motifs are built up and re-worked over time, with each iteration new works are created, in which the visual dialogue is in a state of flux.

Stephen Smith

Stephen’s paintings are available to puchase or commission via Art Eye, please contact us to enquire.

Enjoy updates from his studio by joining our Collector’s Club, including access to specially released works — directly from the artist.

Stephen's Riso prints and wall panels are also available in special exhibitions via our Online Store



Recent work has focused on large-scale paintings inspired by a residency trip taken with Unknown Fields Division (Architectural Association, London) to the exclusion zone of Chernobyl and the lost city of tomorrow Pripyat in Ukraine. He has exhibited his work internationally including: Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Nam June Paik Centre (South Korea) and Mu (Netherlands).

Stephen Smith has started working with Art Eye in 2015, as one of our Core Artists, collaborating with Creatives & selling to Private Collectors. He also works as an illustrator and designer under the commercial studio name of Neasden Control Centre, and produces everything from packaging to art direction for restaurants. He is multi-disciplinary and his paint or prints can be adapted to the largest or smallest scale.

Interior designers, Architects, Restaurateurs, Hoteliers, Developers; we’d love to hear from you and tell you more about Stephen’s awesome work. What will your brief be?

Jen Larkin, Creative Director, Art Eye

More about Stephen Smith:

This is just a start point, we can’t wait to show you more…Coming Soon: more original paintings, exclusively available through Art Eye, with first access to our registered Collectors Club members, plus new prints and wall panels in our Online Store. It’s going to be big, exciting, and very very beautiful…

You can enjoy a glimpse into this collectible studio work here below, via these showcase photographs of Stephen’s paintings on canvas, prints and works on paper. And see some cool case studies of his style, applied to interior and exterior environments, here on this page and throughout the rest of the site too.

We’re privileged to have unique perspective into Stephen’s studio practice, and always very happy to tell you about available work. If you’d like to know what’s in the pipeline/ on the easel/ hot of the press - just Contact Us when you subscribe to our newsletter, letting us know you’re interested in news about Stephen Smith in particular; we’ll send you special updates.


Images commissioned by Stephen Smith

Words by Jen Larkin


Enjoy a glimpse into Stephen Smith's work, here in these wonderful photographs, courtesy of the artist:-