Art for an enchanting island


The enchanting location of the Sail Loft restaurant on St Michael’s Mount provides the perfect place for a unique scheme of original art works, which has been designed by Art Eye, in collaboration with interior design firm 3iDog, for James and Mary St Levan  

The Sail Loft Restaurant is situated in one of the most historically significant parts of Cornwall and enjoys magnificent vistas from every direction; its art reflects not only the character of the place but also the unique quality and strength of the creative, independent community which surrounds it. And the Cornish artistic community is always, in turn, deeply inspired by this most romantic, intriguing island. 

A very special selection of talented artists have been brought together here by Art Eye, in order to create a unique art-filled experience for this beautifully designed space. The eye-catching art works on the Sail Loft’s granite walls have been carefully chosen, commissioned and placed; not only to enhance the atmosphere of the interiors and design details, but also to create an interesting, engaging reflection upon the local art scene.

The artists involved in this scheme are core members of the Art Eye ‘team’; Julia Cooper, Joe Morris and James Eddy. Our shortlisted artists provided samples of work to be put forward for consideration during the earliest stages of the design process; the styles, forms and colours feeding into certain elements of the scheme from the very start, with the majority of pieces being specially commissioned by Art Eye, in response to detailed client discussions and site visits. We think that this is why the art looks so 'at home'; it has been made exclusively with this space in mind.

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Photography by Anya Rice, commissioned by Art Eye & 3iDog