Graphic Art for a Flagship Cornish Inn


Art Eye was approached to commission a triptych of artworks, and a series of Charlestown-inspired prints by Mevagissey-based Jetty Street Press, working in collaboration with St Austell Brewey's Interior Design firm 3iDog.

The Great British Pub is not always synonymous with ‘cutting-edge design’. However, things are set to change in Cornwall, led by St Austell Brewery, some of whose Pubs, Inns and Hotels across Cornwall, Devon and Somerset are getting a highly-creative interior make-over. Situated in one of the most stunning and character-filled harbour locations in the South West, Charlestown's 'Rashleigh Arms' was one of the first chosen.

Being St Austell Brewery's 'flagship Inn', a team of creative designers were brought together to work on the Rashleigh Arms project, headed by interior design firm 3iDog, and including Art Eye. We were able to help 3iDog with creative art ideas throughout the space and, in particular, for a large wall where a ship's 'bow', complete with rigging, was to be removed. After collaborative discussions, we proposed a bespoke illustration triptych for this spot, to be digitally-drawn by Mevagissey-based Jetty Street Press.

This was a cool opportinity to work together with Jetty Street Press on a bigger scale for the first time, having envisaged that their style would transfer well. We love to test our artists and Jetty Street Press took on the challenge beautifully. Several bespoke Charlestown-inspired 'travel poster' prints were also created, with Art Eye overseeing the production and delivery of all items, to hit the tight timescale and carefully keeping the whole project within budget.

Images by Design Room Cornwall, commissioned by 3iDog

The Jetty Street Press' Cornwall-inspired print collection is now available to browse & buy securely in our Online Store