Finding the perfect art for you


Art Eye's strength is that it can source work directly from studio and bring it to your luxury interiors, whenever you're ready to discover something new.

At Art Eye, we help to make our clients lives easier. They need art for their spaces; they'd like to find some great new work from artists, relevant to the area around their beautiful holiday home - but gallery 'shopping' takes time, dedication and mostly luck.

Buying the right art is an instinctive moment, and finding the perfect art for your luxury holiday home can be difficult  - without the help of Art Eye.

At this particular holiday home near Rock, Cornwall, we worked collaboratively with our client's interior designers, to discuss ideas in the earliest stages, and came up with a wonderful selection to choose from. 

Now, what could be easier than that?

These beautiful images were commissioned by Art Eye - shot whilst we tested pieces in situ, creating our shortlist of recommended works. We hope it gives you an interesting insight into our process!

If you'd like to hear more about our Private Collectors services, join our Collectors Club, or enquire about available work by any of the artists whose work is shown in these photographs, please drop us a line at