Old Meets New


An art-scheme for a symaphetically extended Victorian manor house; where vintage furniture and lighting merge seamlessly with contemporary art and furnishings.

Dating back to 1886 and keeping it's traditional appearance externally, step inside the doors of this manor house and there's a completely different look. The interior feels clean and modern; the old sitting room has became a stunning entrance hall and the kitchen extended - even the cellar has been excavated and turned into an underground cinema room and music studio. Once the all of the building and interior design work was complete, the property's owners called on the expertise of Art Eye - the brief was to give the space some colourful art inspiration, by making new additions to their existing collection.

The artwork was a perfect opportunity to add strong colour to the white-walled spaces and tie in with the interior design details, whilst also creating something which the owners would love for years to come. 

Interior Design by 3iDog

Architecture by Atelier 3

For more information about this collaborative project, please see our Case Studies page.