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A Force of Nature


Juliette Paull is an award-winning Cornish artist, based in Helston’s CAST Fine Art studios, who exhibits at London’s prestigious Cadogan Contemporary Gallery. Juliette's work is available directly from the studio, via Art Eye

Juliette Paull's art is driven by the power of the world around her; and each painting seems to be a force of nature in itself. She describes her practice as driven by a desire to visually represent “an internal landscape, exploring the fragility and strength of the human state” and her skill is to develop this through the dynamic act of mark-making in oils, working on an increasingly dramatic scale. 

Her expressive canvasses aim to balance the boundaries between abstraction and representation — constantly examining and questioning the natural world that both surrounds us and defines our human experience. Here, in a recent interview, Juliette explores the motivation behind her art-making:

Painting is a vital part of my everyday life — something I cannot be without. In many ways it is impossible to describe the drive to make work. It is obsessive, overwhelming, and all-consuming. 

I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart

Vincent Van Gogh

Each day is a journey. I am looking, searching for relationships, situations, and objects that intrigue me. It could be a shadow, a kiss, an argument, light falling on a flower, a memory. It is the essence and discovery of these moments that inspire me. I work in series — often with 20-30 paintings all 'on the go' at once — its essential to work this way as the paintings create a dialogue helping each other develop and resolve. 

Music plays a huge role in my process — it always brings me to realise that its possible to say what it feels like to be human, without the need to work figuratively, describe things literally. What lies at the core of my work is a desire to express the unspoken. 

In the studio I work intuitively, drawing, writing, using collage to begin the process — then, when I've established a sense of direction and feel firmly rooted, the painting begins. A recent body of work arose from a small series of ink drawings I made after seeing the ballet Swan Lake. The immersive experience of watching this contemporary ballet captivated me the energy and flow resonating with my emotional relationship with the land and sea I am surrounded by in Cornwall.


Collector's Notes:

Juliette's studio is at the Cornubian Arts and Science Trust in Helston and she exhibits her work with Cadogan Contemporary in London. Juliette's work is available via Art Eye.


Juliette’s works are available to puchase via Art Eye, on application.

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