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A Vibrant New Bronze Age


Andrew Lacey is a sculptor-founder & independent scholar, whose visionary talent and technical veracity ensures his status as one of the most investment-worthy fine artists working today. His captivating sculptures are available directly from the studio & by commission, exclusively via Art Eye

ANDREW LACEY'S artistic career to date has followed two strong but parallel paths: that of artist specialising in the creation of his own bronze sculpture; the other as an independent scholar studying the analysis, facture and reconstruction of ancient and historical bronzes. 

As an artist, he has focused on the figurative traditions; producing both human and equestrian forms, often fragmentary in nature, spontaneous, experimental and highly focused. The figures are not meant as a literal representation of the form, but instead as a way of searching for the underlying poetics or energy of a subject.

As a sculptor-founder who physically casts all of his own work in bronze, "creative interception" can happen at any stage; leading to a dynamic exploration of the making of sculpture. This unusually direct engagement with the entire casting process enables Lacey's incredible talent to be revealed:


Andrew Lacey’s sculpture expresses time as well as form. He works with a long reach backwards into prehistory and somehow, through human effort and a certain amount of more-than-human magic, makes the ancient world contemporary...

Alice Oswald, Poet


Andrew's art already has many admirers - from academics to everyday art lovers - and it is universally agreed amongst them that the sculptural forms which he "brings to life" must truly be seen, and touched, to be believed. Indeed, his contemporaries always describe them as simply "magical."

With a forthcoming exhibition at the V&A Museum in London, touring soon after in New York and beyond; Lacey's ever-growing body of work is also re-igniting a vibrant new interest in bronze sculpture amongst the wider public.


Andrew Lacey has an exceptional ability to imbue his subjects with vitality and vigour. His fingers mark surfaces as if they were hot-wired to his eyes. He makes visible that which we have not seen and is able to imply a complete figure from a fragment. He bridges the gap between the ancient sculptures which bewitch him by finding untrodden paths for his own new work. Restless and inquisitive, generous and luminous; he is informed by the alchemy of remote ages and readily accepts the challenges of ‘greening’ the processes of responsible casting of bronze in a carbon conscious world. Exceptionally he is both the artist and the master of hot bronze; a rare fusion of vision and technical veracity.

Andy Christian


Collector's Notes:

Andrew's innovative, explorative practice also incorporates polychrome paintings on bronze plates; drawing in charcoal & inks on paper; and cast glass sculpture. His art features in collections around the world, and is highly sought after. Art Eye is proud to have been promoting Andrew's sublime creations, since 2011.


Andrew’s work is available to puchase exclusively via Art Eye, on application.

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Enjoy a glimpse into Andrew's art below. Our Collectors Club members can see more wonderful photographs of Andrew's sculpture, process and studio, courtesy of Sian Lewis and Darren Newbery, via our Members Area:-