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3iDog: Memorable Spaces & Inspiring Stories

Collaborative Design

3idog have been designing memorable, unique interiors that help tell their client’s stories, since they began their own back in 2009. Founded by Architectural Interior Designer Steve Coombe and based originally in Cornwall, now also in Somerset; they’ve developed one of the most creative, independent studios in the UK - working on high-profile projects right across the country, from London to Land’s End and beyond

3IDOG AND Cornwall-based consultancy firm Art Eye have collaborated on many commercial and residential projects over the last few years - their clients enjoying not only the unique results which they achieve together, but also their creative process; which brings a Fine Art approach right to the core of each design phase. The art is truly in the details, and even Steve’s hand-drawn sketches are works of art in themselves.

About 3iDog's design philosphy, Steve explains:

Our aim is to touch people at the deepest level and to work with creative talent of all disciplines to infuse environments with brand identity in a subliminal way. Something magical happens when the spirit of our client's brand comes together with the spirit of a space and the people who spend time there. It is always a unique story and we love the part we play in telling it.

Steve Coombe, Creative Director, 3iDog

For their recent Sail Loft Restaurant refurbishment project on St Michael’s Mount, finding the right artwork was absolutely key. Steve asked Art Eye to put forward artists whose style is influenced by natural, elemental forms and materials. Furthermore, as one of Cornwall’s most historic locations; the brief was also to reflect back some of the creative wealth, strength and industrious resilience that has forged this special island, and continues to make it so appealing.

Art Eye sent images of potential artwork to me first, and brought samples to the space, in order to help discuss the needs of our clients James & Mary St Levan in detail. We loved what we saw, and so did our clients, who commissioned several pieces of work by the shortlisted artists. Art Eye saw the process along smoothly, and then installed the work in collaboration with us. The positive response to the whole space, especially the art, from clients, staff and visitors alike, since opening in March 2016, has been amazing.

Steve Coombe, Creative Director, 3iDog


Art Eye can tune in to the requirements of the project, and of my clients, as well as I can. I love tasking them with sourcing the right quality of art, to add another, personal level to the whole design concept. What’s more; I always enjoy the results, as much as my clients do - Art Eye always puts something new on my radar. Something magical happens when Fine Art is brought together with Architectural Interior Design; I’m not sure what the formula is - if I knew it, I would bottle it!

Steve Coombe, Creative Director, 3iDog 


Speaking with Steve, you can’t help but enjoy his passion and vision, which threads through every project he works on. He seems to have the midas touch, making a positive difference by the strength of his philosophy - which helps clients to develop their brand stories and express them through interior design, whilst also dramatically improving their bottom line.

There is a great synergy every time 3iDog and Art Eye work together, and Creative Director Jen Larkin is just as passionate, particularly when it comes to telling a unique 'story' of any space through high quality art. She has seen the power of bringing Fine Art & Design together - over and over again - and she always loves that special moment, when clients see their new, art-filled interiors for the first time. Every project brings something exciting into being; creating somewhere truly memorable. 

More about Art Eye 

Art Eye is a Cornwall-based art consultancy which sees things differently. Creating art-filled spaces which are truly unique; they help their artists to grow, alongside the business, by giving all clients wonderful customer service and adding extraordinary value to every project. Trade Clients across the UK can commission Art Eye artists via by registering with Art Eye 

More examples of Art Eye's collaborative work with 3iDog

Additional information about The Sail Loft Restaurant, Godolphin Arms Hotel, Budock Vean Lodges, The Rashleigh Arms and The Green Room Restaurant can be found in our Portfolio.

Images below courtesy 3iDog, showcasing their wonderfully creative interiors across the UK. See their website for more details.


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